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Topics: Steve Jobs, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Actor Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 23, 2012
If you could choose any three people who have ever lived to join you for dinner, whom would you invite and why?

Three people that I would love to invite for dinner are Mahatma Gandhi- better known as Father of the Nation (India), Steve Jobs – founder of Apple Inc and Amitabh Bachhan – a leading actor in the Indian film industry. Mahatma Gandhi, a lawyer by profession, used his simple philosophy and strong foresight to bring down the 300+ years of British rule, paving the way for India’s independence. His principles of Satyagraha (Fight for truth), Non Violence, Non co-operation and Swadeshi (reject foreign made products) movement, were simple but effective. Gandhiji conceived that a strategic, planned and mass approach was required, rather than muscle power, to oust the British rule. Most of the other freedom fighters were trying to make sacrifices for the mother land, but Gandhiji’s principles and leadership not only brought them together under one roof, but also enabled the common man to participate in the movement. His leadership broke all barriers of faith, class, socio-economic status or geography, and enabled him to identify with the masses. He personifies leadership with uncompromising values, a classic example of how strategy and vision helps in achieving long term goals. Even a short time with such an iconic figure would not be short of an asset lasting a lifetime.

Steve Jobs would be second in the list of invitees for dinner. I was moved when I read his speech delivered in 2005 on the Graduate convocation ceremony at Stanford University. I am inspired by his words and closely identify his story of ‘joining the dots’, with some of my own experiences. There are many success stories about rags to riches, but possibly just a few where one experiences the cycle more than once in one’s lifetime. This is what sets Steve apart from the rest. He, at 30, was publicly fired out of Apple, the company that he founded. It’s the way he handled this humility and...
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