Louis XIV: Absolute Monarch

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Louis XV of France, Palace of Versailles Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Louis XIV
"L'Etat, c'est moi." Louis is the embodiment of an absolute monarch. He is the chief example of absolutism throughout the second half of the 17th century. Greed is defined in the dictionary as selfish and grasping desire for possession; especially of wealth for one self’s benefit. It is also described as a noun. This definition can be directly related and best describes Louis XIV, the king of France in the sixteen hundreds. Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, was not indeed such a good king for France. The reign of Louis XIV was hurtful in many ways to France and its people. Louis XIV financially destroyed France by doing things that he thought would help but just hurt France in the long run. Louis was constantly at war with other countries, which not only hurt France financially, because wars were very expensive during that time, but it also depleted France’s once massive army. He also persecuted the Huguenots causing fifty thousand of them to flee from France, many of them skilled and very well educated; important assets to France’s society and development. It seemed as if the way Louis XIV ruled France was to mainly help/ please himself. The effects of his greed can be seen destroying people’s lives in the beginning of Louis XIV’s reign, during his reign, and after his reign had ended; and even if he did want to make France greater, he failed to do so throughout his reign. He had achievements, but they were overshadowed by his mistakes and negative impacts, making him overall a corrupt ruler. Louis XIV of France ranks as one of the most remarkable monarchs in history. He reigned for 72 years, 54 of those in which he personally controlled French government. The seventeenth century is labeled as the age of Louis XIV; his rule has since been hailed as the supreme example of a type of government: ‘absolutism.’ When Louis died, sources say few of his subjects could remember any other monarch, for he epitomized the ideal of kingship. Louis XIV...
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