Low Paying Jobs

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, High school Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Novenka Gregoire

Based on the essay “Selling and Minnesota” I believe that low paying jobs have a negative effect on a person’s personality. In addition, I think that low paying job is an opportunity, on the other hand a barrier of achieving success and a finer future. Mostly, low paying jobs is an opportunity for teenagers. In the U.S, teenagers could start working at the age sixteen, so I think it’s really fantastic that you don’t need to depend on your parents for everything, and you can even help them financially. At the same time, low paying jobs could be a burden, it could stop you from accomplishing your dreams and goals, and also from a successful life.

I believe that low paying jobs have a negative effect on someone’s personality. From what I understand in the essay “Selling in Minnesota” Barbara’s job as a Retail Associate at Wal-Mart has a huge effect on her identity. In the essay, she talks about a lady that she met one night after her last break, she says that she was upset to find her folding T-shirts in her turtlenecks area. When her turtlenecks’ intruder reprimand her for not putting a shirt in the right place and asking her if she’s checking the UPC numbers, she says:” So I say, only without the numerals or the forbidden curse word, that (1) plenty of other people work here during the day, not to mention all the customers coming through, so why is she blaming me? (2) it’s after 10:00 and I’ve got another cart full of returns to go, and wouldn’t it make more sense if we both worked on the carts, instead of zoning the goddamn T-shirts.” She feels that the lady is blaming her for something unimportant and it would be better if she helps with the carts, but I think that was an unnecessary response, even if the new lady was wrong. And it got even worse when she says:” Am I turning mean here, and is that a normal response to the end of a nine-hour shift?” Clearly, she was mean to her intruder, but she didn’t know, that’s why she’s...
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