Mac vs Pc

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Macintosh Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Jessica Wilson
English 101
Mac vs. PC Final Draft
24, February 2013
Mac vs. PC
Bill Gates: “There may be a few….similarities.”
Steve Jobs: “Similarities? Similarities? Try theft.” (from “Pirates of Silicon Valley”) Everyone knows of the popular household names Apple and Microsoft. Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They created the first Apple computer in Jobs’ parents garage in the 1970’s. They knew that they had created something great so they called their company Apple. Bill Gates on the other hand created Microsoft. He never made a computer; what he did was create software and put it on other computers. Allegedly, Bill Gates stole Apple’s Macintosh prototype software from Steve Jobs. Gates only received the prototypes because Jobs thought he could trust Gates, but he was sorely mistaken. These two popular household names are similar, but they have differences such as ability to customize, operating system, price, and virus protection.

Apple and Microsoft are alike in they were created at the same time and both had great ideas. Some similarities they share are products such as portable media players and smart phones, tablet devices, and retail stores. They both have portable media players. Apple has the iPod and Microsoft has the Zune. They both do the same thing, but have completely different functions within the device. Zune is all tiled and more cut and dry verses the iPod ,which is sleek, creative, and allows more wiggle room than the Zune. Apple wins over people with the iPhone; it functions just like their iPod touch and newer generation iPods. Windows has the Windows phone which works like the Windows 8 software, everything is on tiles and very confusing to use. Apple and Microsoft both have tablet devices; Apple the iPad, and Windows has the surface. Lastly, they both have retail stores, where a costumer can come in and buy their products. Apple may have more than Microsoft, but they both allow someone to go in, purchase a...
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