Macro and Micro on Nestle

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Part 1
Apple Inc is an American multinational corporation that designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, Its software includes the OS X and iOS operating system and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad. “Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 “for the first 30 years the company was called Apple Computer,Inc but “dropped the word (Computer) on January 9,2007” to show that Apple is not manufacturing the computers only, but all the electronics and computer software products. Apple releases iPod that wasn’t just for playing music but screen on to watch videos, FM radio keeps you up with what’s going on out there, saving photos, podcast and a wireless connection. In 2007 Apple comes out with the iPhone that was the same features of an iPod and has been sold worldwide. Meanwhile they announcement a tablet computer called iPad that been a successful launch. Currently apple released iPhone5 and they will Introduces the mini iPad . Apple developing their products from time to time so the consumers never get bored and that what attract the people the most, because their products are so creative and it is unique from what we see in our general markets, and that proves Apple Inc success by grow in sales and earn a lot of money.

According to,” We expect our suppliers to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our Supplier Code of Conduct clearly states a range of practices we consider essential to running an ethical business.” Apple has stated their ethics training programs for managers and they beginning to teach them how to record the information, save the documents, checks workers ID and age, watch the working hours so some workers come late or skipping their works so the manger must track them and effort them to do well and do a better achievement because the way the employees act can reflect on the company success. Moreover, Apple shown that they have their own ethics statement and all of the employees doing their job. The last five years corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been active in Apple Inc, and that to keep the customers happy and satisfied. Apple does a lot of effort to fight the air pollution. For example, they track carbon footprint not only for the company production sake but for transportation, distribution and Purchases. However, Apple Inc declined to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The New York Times criticized this action, which gives the global companies to exchange the information about the climate change and water.

Apple Inc is a brand that the consumer thinks that’s an environmental and responsible company, So Apple work hard to make her consumers satisfied and keep that image in their minds. Furthermore, Apple use an ethical behavior to deal with her labors in respectful way, and support the human rights without being differentiate against workers by their age, color, race, gender, sexual orientation. Also the workers have their own decision to leave or stay in their job. There are endlessly ethical behavior refers to Apple and as a costumer am happy with the results I found. In my view, Apple is a creative company that wants to satisfy the consumer and do the best to save the environment. But I think Apple need to put more effort in CSR and try to improve a new techniques to save the world because Apple capable to do so.

Part 2
Advertisement, Apple use Gandhi image “Think Different” for their advertisement which was a reason to attract the concern people to have the Apple products (Macs and iPods). Ignore Your Critics, Apple has the confidence of their products and they won’t listen to the negative opinions that the critical gave it to them. The ignorance strategy helps Apple to develop the manufactures and be a successful company. And every time they create a product they make fun...
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