Management and Feasibility Study

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This manual outlines the policies and procedures to ensure uniformity in the physical format of a business plan or feasibility study. Submission of this document is a step in a program leading to the awarding of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

Feasibility studies and business plans are scholarly publications that are the results of research and academic pursuit. The original copy will be kept in LCCM Violeta Calvo Library for public use, while an electronic copy will be stored at the LCCM Research and Publications Center for archival purposes.

Undergraduate students must be familiar with the guidelines before writing their paper. The use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling are solely the responsibility of the student. LCCM Research and Publications Center provides assistance to the students in completing their research proposals as well as services such as statistical analysis and APA formatting package for students who are in the process of writing their feasibility study or business plan. Manuscript Construction

The manuscript must be prepared on a computer, neat in appearance, and without error. Strikeovers, handwritten corrections, or interlineations are not accepted. Printing of the feasibility study / business plan should be letter/laser quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense. Dot matrix is unacceptable. The manuscript can be printed on only one side of each page received. Reproduced copies are acceptable only if high quality photocopying is used.

Official LCCM paper with the appropriate logo must be used. It is available at the Research and Publications Center.
Times New Roman or Arial are the only acceptable fonts. The same typeface must be used throughout the manuscript, including figures, tables, plate captions with the exception of certain tables, figures and appendix material, which may use a different type. Italics should be used only to highlight specific words or phrases in the text. The official font size is 12 point and must be used for all material in the text. FEASIBILITY STUDY AND BUSINESS PLAN 3 Spacing

Double spacing is required throughout the manuscript. Footnotes, bibliographic entries, long quoted passages, figure and table captions, and items in lists and tables may be single-spaced. If individual footnote or bibliographic entries are single-spaced, there must be double-spacing between each entry. There are special spacing requirements for some of the preliminary pages.

Margins must be uniform on all pages. Margin requirements apply to all materials included in the thesis/dissertation such as figures, tables, photographs, etc., and all material in appendices. The margins of the thesis page are: • 1 inch minimum on the top and bottom

• 1.5 inches minimum on the left
• 1 inch minimum on the right
Page numbers must fall within the margins. Page numbers must be placed in the top of the page at the right side. The body of the text must be in fully/double justified with one inch indentation of each paragraph’s first sentence Post-Defense Action

After the Final Oral Defense, the student candidate/s shall do the following: 1. Revise the manuscript in compliance with the panel members’ comments and suggestions;
2. Submit a copy of the revised manuscript together with the summary of suggestions to the Feasibility/Business Adviser and to each of the panel members for further evaluation.
3. Submit the revised manuscript to the editor once it is approved by the panel members before its final printing and...
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