Management Issue at Apple

Topics: Steve Jobs, Leadership, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: December 18, 2012
To: - Senior Manager of Apple Date: - 13th December 2011 From: - Lauren
Report: - Management Issue at Apple
The following report is being composed due to a request being received from the senior manager of Apple. The aim of this specific document is to identify a key management issue within the company of Apple that may affect their future production and success. Once the management issue have been acknowledged the report will go onto state the findings that can be drawn from the analysis. For future success, there will be recommendations presented for Apple so that they can improve on the specific management issue.

Management Issue
Subsequent to research into the business world of Apple a most recent and crucial management issue highlighted is whether without Steve Jobs as CEO, Apple can continue to innovate and stay ahead of the competition? (Shearman, 2011) Within the Apple Business Steve Jobs was an iconic figure, and one whose impact on the technology industry and the world at large is hard to measure (Dawson 2011).With the innovative spirit and remarkable Steve Jobs built up a reputation as a forthright and demanding leader. The identified theory of Leadership, Power and Influence can be applied to the management issues stated. Drucker (1999) defined Leadership as the process of influencing the activities of others towards high levels of goal setting and achievement.

Leadership consists of the trait theory; this theory is a relatively stable aspect of an individual’s personality that influences behaviour in a particular direction (Boddy 2008: 459). This involves transformational leadership which is described as the leadership that effects change, inspires people to grow and reach beyond their abilities, articulates transcendent goals and demonstrates self confidence (Fiedler and House 1994, p112). This kind of leadership style was evident in the way that Steve Jobs performed as a manager....
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