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special place where their marketing secrets
are kept, unless of course you count their
charismatic CEO’s brain. The five secrets I
offer here are careful deductions, empirical
results and the product of my career as an
engineer, sales rep, product manager,
marketing executive, parent, son and avid
consumer (although not necessarily in that
order.) These secrets are super condensed
learnings from my nearly decade-long tenure
at Apple about how and why people spring
to action. Since that time, I’ve uncovered
many ways that can enable any company to
tap into people’s innate desire to share their
passion for products and help create “lift” the irresistible force of millions of customers

selling your product for you. Just as Apple
has harnessed this power more than any
company in history now you can too. So
even though these really aren’t Apple’s
secrets these just may be even better. Here
are my proven ideas to help you market like
Apple and improve your business and your
reputation at the same time. All I ask is that
you share this eBook with everyone and
please come to to
share your thoughts, ideas and comments to
improve on our collective ‘secrets’.

is there are more than just five secrets. But
you’ll have to visit my website - or hire me to learn the rest. Enjoy.

Copyright holder is licensing this eBook under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 3.0 Please feel free to post this eBook on your blog, email it, or link to it with whomever you believe will benefit from reading it.

People buy what other people have.
Look carefully at Apple’s iPod
commercials. You’ll see lots of
happy, energetic people dancing
in silhouette against a colorful
and ever-changing background.
Notice the distinctive white
headphones flowing in unison to
the owner’s movements. What
you don’t see is a focus on iPod.
No close-ups of how you select
a song or adjust the volume
level. Why would Apple take all
the time to make a great user
interface only to not show it on
television? The reason is simple:
Apple isn’t selling you an MP3

player. They are inviting you to
experience the Apple lifestyle
and to become part of the iPod
community. Use any other MP3
player and you’ll hear good
music. Use an iPod and you’ll
feel good. You’ll fit in. Product
features don’t create fans. Focus
on what people do and show
how they feel using your stuff.

Those white iPod headphones
were not designed by engineers they are a pure Apple marketing trick designed to make the
visible part of their product a
status symbol.
Wear white

This eBook courtesy of Steve Chazin, former Apple, Inc. sales and marketing executive.

headphones and you are a
member of the club. Think back
to the first PowerBook - it was a
unique dark grey color (it was
patterned after a color
designed by Whirlpool’s
Refrigerator research to
hide or eliminate fingerprints) In
both cases, the distinctive grey
PowerBook case and the more
recent white iPod headphones
are status symbols (and uniquely
Apple.) Even the glowing Apple
logo was fixed to be right-side
up for others (it’s upside down
to you when you open your new
MacBook because you are selling
the brand to others for Apple. )

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Figure out how to add
something to your product that
does for you what Apple’s white
headphones do: give people an
easy way to sell for you while
making them feel like they are
part of an exclusive club. More
about this in Chapter 3.

Copyright @ 2007

All Rights Reserved

Make something good greater.
not the mobile phone. The Mac, iPod, iTunes
and iPhone are all successful because they
Conventional wisdom says being first to
were late to market and improved on existing
market is advantageous and that Apple is a...
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