Marshall Mcluhann Short Story

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Yovanka Amira

Word Count: 997 words

2 December 2012
Binus International School Simprug
English Written Task Rationale

For this written task, I’ll make a play that involves an “imaginary” conversation between Marshall McLuhan and Steve Jobs and God in heaven. This conversation will divulge McLuhan’s and Job’s perspectives of the use of media in today’s world and how it profoundly affects the society. I chose characters Marshall McLuhan and Steve Jobs because Steve Jobs is the visionary founder of Apple hence I will emphasize how his Apple products have changed the way we communicate. To some extent, this is just as McLuhan predicted. God’s role is to act as the judge as God will decided if Steve Jobs will stay in heaven or otherwise. The structure of this play will follow Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion where the story is told in chronological order with stage directions and emotions felt by the characters; reserving dialogue for essential information. The story will be told from a third person point of view. The short story is aimed to analyze the impact of language changes specifically the impact of electronic media. However, the syntax would be the use of stylistic use of short sentences especially in the dialogues. The tone is didactically serious. Marshall McLuhan will speak in a professional tone because he is an expert of media communication whereas Steve Jobs as a digital native will speak using a few abbreviated and brief sentences. Hence we can easily identify the differences of communication from a digital native, and someone who is not. The juxtaposition of McLuhan and Job’s perspectives of new media, will allow reader to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the media being a source of communication. The intended audience is the general public, specifically those who are experiencing tough situations regarding the presence of media.

Up in the clouds, in the paradise of the afterlife; appears Marshall McLuhan at a café accompanied by his cup of coffee and a slice of Heavenly Hash cake. The sky was pale pink arc, slowly sinking beneath a growing blackness. Just as he was about to take a sip of his coffee, someone caught his attention. A frail, gaunt, graying man walks casually and sits across Marshall McLuhan. Marshall has finally realized who he was.

Marshall McLuhan: Of course! Apple’s visionary, creative genius; the one and only, Steve Jobs.

Marshall McLuhan: [rises up from his chair; goes to him with confident familiarity] Hello there, Steve Jobs. I am Marshall McLuhan

Steve Jobs: [with enthusiasm] Hello as well. Oh yes, Mister Marshall McLuhan; never thought I’d meet you here in heaven

Marshall McLuhan: Same here. [very bewildered] Just out of my curiosity, why are you here?

Steve Jobs: God sent me here

Marshall McLuhan: [in great shock] Unbelievable. After all the uncountable sins you’ve made, God was willing to forgive you and send you to heaven?! This is bizarre.

Steve Jobs: [shocked at the man’s accuse] Excuse me? I am a pure man; no sins indwell me. That’s why God brought me here.

Marshall McLuhan: [storming on] Are you out of your mind?! You have created such an iniquitous to the people all over the world, from the modern technology developed into the brand of Apple you have made. [rises from his seat; pointing at the ignorant people] Look around you, everybody is busy with their gadgets, in fact we are the only people speaking at this café! How ridiculous! Have you not feel guilty for what you have done to these innocent beings? Seems as if the society aren’t aware of what these technologies have derived them into. Keep in mind that, “The Medium is the Message”.

Steve Jobs: [astounded] What insanity are you talking about! These remarkable new tools allow people to communicate with people at the other side of the world at the same speed of communicating with someone in the same physical space

A thunderstorm...
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