Mass Media Effects

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Effects of Mass Media
Kathleen Parks
November 9, 2013
To understand the effects of mass media, you must first understand what mass media is. According to, “The Free Dictionary” (2012), mass media is defined as, “ a means of communication that reach a large number of people in a short time, such as television, newspaper, magazine, radio, and internet.” When you look back as just the last 50 years, our technology has increasingly been on the uprise allowing for major advancements in not only the original form of communication and news exchange, but in our entertainment area as well. We used to have to actually go to a post office and mail a letter, and now we can send an email. Our population used to gather at the lucky enough families home that owned a radio and they would gather to hear presidential address, and now we get them stream live straight to our phones. To say that we have upgraded is an understatement. American’s are a hands on, hard working, blue collar class people, and the developments we have reached inside our culture are astronomical. We put the first man on the moon, figured out how to make television go from the size of a box to the width of paper. These changes, or upgrades to society if you will, have given a new life to today’s youth. Women used to have respect for themselves and they way they presented themselves, however with the advancement of mass media and the influences of MTV, and shows like America’s Next Top Model, girls think the only way to present themselves is by having their rear ends hang out and having just a bra with no shirt on. The same goes for the man in today’s society as well, they wear their pants to their ankle and everyone is privy to their under pants. Other advancements such as internet, wireless phones, and ATM debit/credit cards, have given the American people the luxuries of access to the entire world the the click of a mouse, the push of a send button, and the ability to purchase...
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