Masters Internship Portfolio Guidelines

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Masters Internship Portfolio Guidelines
School of Contemporary Chinese Studies This document is a supplement to the Internship Handbook aimed to guide students in the undertaking, writing and submission of the internship portfolio or report. Beyond explaining what is entailed in an internship year and content of the report, it provides five appendices providing information on Submission Guidelines, Sample Title Page, Examiners Report, SCCS Guidelines for Referencing and Marking Criteria. I. Internship Process: Three Stages A. Overview 1. Preparation (Oct – Jan, 2013): Career skills module, briefing from module conveyor, engagement with Careers and Employability Service, planning goals 2. Seeking (Feb – May, 2013): Engagement with potential employers, strategies for achieving objectives, alternate plans, T14127 talks, evaluation of potential industries, literature review of chosen industry 3. Interning and reflecting (Jun – Aug, 2013): Doing the work, documenting position, duties, and experience, considering modules, career preparation and relation between duties and training; insights from comparing journal entries to contemporary experience 4. Writing, revising, re-writing and submitting (Aug 2013) B. Preparation Stage 1. Statement and Justification of Objectives General Objectives (Note: Not to be used without significant individual justification) a) To strengthen interest and familiarity with the latest developments in Chinese business and management; b) To obtain practical opportunities to apply what has already studied; c) To be immersed in a Chinese speaking environment to improve Chinese fluency; d) To strengthen writing and presentational skills via the production of an in-depth report on their work experiences; e) To develop networks in China and Europe (with businesses connected to China); f) To gain an introduction to the Chinese work environment with a view to a possible career there; g) To engage in a critical self-reflective learning process. 2. Career Goals and Objectives 1. Why China? Why U.K.? Why UoN? Why this course? 2. What are you trying to achieve through an internship? 3. How does an internship fit into that process? 4. Which industry would be ideal? Why? What do you expect you gain?

3. Specificity over Generality a) Why would you want this general objective? b) What is its relation to your career and training objectives? c) How are you going about achieving it? d) In what sense would the internship you are seeking or undertaking achieve this? e) Why not consider other internships? 4. Completing Preparation a) Career goals b) Justifications c) Reasoning for internship seeking d) Targeted businesses and expectations e) Strategies adopted to achieve goals f) Reviewing the options g) Reflecting on Career Skills, Careers and Employability Service, talks in T14127 C. Chosen Company 1. Significant literature review of industry in context of your course 2. Relation of company to industry as whole 3. Deploy theoretical concepts learned from relevant module training 4. Postgraduate (dissertation) level of analysis of business case, industry and relation to China required D. Reflection 1. Critical insights into internship process, preparation and formation of objectives, preparation for and experience of internship 2. “Takeaways”, both general and specific, from the entire process 3. What the process means in terms of overall programme, individual learning and future employment E. Summary 1. “Portfolio” of three stages and reflection 2. Introduction 3. Development of objectives, expectations and preparation 4. Literature review, details of position 5. Experiences and daily work/life 6. Insights generated from entire process and internship 7. Conclusion II. Internship Guidelines A. Importance of Journal 1. For a dissertation, you will collect and analyze a data set; for an internship, you will document and expound upon your internship experience, from the start of internship-seeking journey to its...
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