Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Steve Jobs, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Steve Jobs Personality Type
Today marks part four of our 16 part series exploring the sixteen Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test personality types and related notable Celebrity figures throughout time.  Previously we examined Celebrity John D Rockefeller and the MBTI® test ESTJ personality type.   This week we examine the ISTP (Introversion-Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving) and the late great mastermind behind the “Apple”, Steve Jobs. Most people remember Steve Jobs as the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc and Pixar Inc.  Steve Jobs was also an individual that mastered his MBTI type, the ISTP, allowing him to excel in a unique position in his industry that lead to technical advancements that we often take for granted in this day of age. Like many Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Introverts who prefer thinking and sensing, Steve Jobs used his preferences primarily internally to analyze the data he gathered in an organized fashion much like the computers he helped develop.  He was able to detach and objectively criticize the projects he worked on.  This sometimes insensitive approach to problems was a double edged sword that lead to Jobs being fired from Apple in 1985 after losing a power struggle with Apple’s board of directors.  Fortunately, Steve Jobs didn’t give up, and utilized his Perceiving preference to remain flexible and spontaneous in his approach to work.  He acquired the computer graphics division from Lucasfilms and turned it into the critically and financially acclaimed Pixar Studios.  He also started up NeXT Inc. that was acquired by Apple Inc. in 1996, and over the next four years Steve Jobs ascended to CEO of Apple bringing him full circle with the company. Steve Jobs also showcased how ISTP types focus on efficiently working on projects and was a firm believer in doing only what was needed with the least amount of fuss.  Efficiency and innovation were key focus points throughout his career.  You can see this today in the products that Apple releases.  From...
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