Mga Tanyang Na Manunulat

Topics: Wood, High school, Tree Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: August 12, 2013

Subject # 1: dead leaves

Wow there are many leaves falling down because they are damaged imagine if that is the leaves that are falling from the trees, when the leaves all fall from the same tree the tree might die. That is why we need to water the trees and other tree growing related stuff.

Subject #2:Piatos, Nova, or other chips wrappers

Piatosis yummy so we don’t care if it’s not rare to see a piatos cover/wrapper in the trash can. But we do care when they throw these on the ground… a little bit. Anyway you get our point its ugly when people throw these on the ground.

Subject #3: candy wrappers and one biscuit wrapper

Candy wrappers and one biscuit wrapper! It’s not us I don’t know who so don’t ask me. Anyway I am guessing that the yellow one is the sweets that are called Yema. Biscuits are maybe the most eaten snack in the school by kids or by teen but sometimes some teachers and principals eat biscuits too but kids are usually the ones who eat this that maybe the reason why many biscuits are scattered in the school.

Subject #4: dead tree

If you could compare these two pictures what are the difference? The first picture to the left has a dead tree at the other picture have many trees that are living. If you look at the pictures the right one looks better while the other looks like nothing but a plain tree that has no leaves.

Subject #5: cups

Cups in DC it could be common because the cafeteria sells coke and water inside cups. But we haven’t seen any cups that are scattered only few. This cup has an owner that is really secretive really below the tree wow.

Subject #6: destruction of paints or vandalism

We don’t know who but we know how. Maybe the high schooler or kids those travel at the second floor of the Laubach Hall. It looks ugly we know that is why we need to prevent this vandalism or destruction of paints/property.

Subject #7: pile of dirt

It looks like manure but it doesn’t anyway we don’t know if this is...
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