MGT2540 20 20Individual 20Assignment 2

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Assignment 1 - Individual presentation
Due date: WEEK 12
Wednesday, 17th December 2014

• Size, sector and type
• Stated values and social responsibility activities
• External business environment (PESTLE


The assignment has two parts:
1.  Research notes & Table of References [60% of the assignment grade]
– Research notes (max 1200 words) outlining research undertaken using a variety of independent sources of information to prepare the presentation. – The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance. – The notes should be accompanied by a Table of Reference in the correct format. – The Table of References is excluded from the word limit.

2.  PowerPoint presentation [40% of the assignment grade]
–  A slide presentation using words, images, charts and tables (if/as appropriate) analysing the size, sector, and type of business;
– the stated values and social responsibility activities;
– analysis of the political, legal and regulatory, socio-cultural and demographic, and technological environments in which your assigned company operates. – Identify key factors in the external environment that might affect your company and/or influence decisions made by managers in the company.

General Guidelines for Research Notes
• All work should be word processed.
• Use one of the following fonts:
– Times New Roman
– Calibri
– Tahoma
– Arial

• Font size
– 12 points
– 16 points for Headings

• Line spacing 1.5
• Number the pages
• Minimum left and right margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch)

Sample Structure of the Presentation
• Slide 1
– Title page with the name of the company, your name,
MISIS, Course Code and Title, Word Count of Research
Notes, Date of Submission

• Slide 2
– Brief introduction of the company and industry

Background information
Industry or sector
Products and services provided

Sample Structure of the Presentation
• Slide 3
– CSR Activities

• Slide 4
– Critical Analysis of CSR Activities

• Slide 5
– Analysis of Political Factors

• Slide 6
– Analysis of Economic Factors

• Slide 7
– Analysis of Social Factors

Sample Structure of the Presentation
• Slide 8
– Analyse Technological Factors

• Slide 9
– Identify Legal Factors.

• Slide 10
– Identify ecological factors (only if applicable)

• Slide 11
– Conclusion

Important - Slides
• The title page should include your name, MISIS, Module
number, module title, Name of the company and word
count of research notes. Word count for slides not
• Do not use black or other dark colors as background for
your slides.
• Slides should have bullet points. All the explanation
should be included in research notes.
• All graphs, pictures, logos and other information should be referenced appropriately.

Structure of Research Notes
• Table of contents
• 1200 word maximum excluding TOC, references and
• Each slide should have associated detailed explanation in research notes

– Notes are not required under introduction slide and
description of CSR
• All research notes should have in text referencing
• Reference list should be included at the end of research notes – Harvard referencing

Research Notes
• Introduction:
– introduce the company on the slide only and not on the research notes.

• CSR description:
– just on the slide and not on the research notes

• CSR analysis: 200 - 250 words
– Evaluate the key ecological and social responsibility issues facing the industry and the degree to which the issues are being addressed (some examples might include waste management, energy conservation, customer rights, workforce welfare, dealings with smaller suppliers, transparency and disclosure, diversity and equality, et cetera).

• Identification and...
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