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Topics: Academic dishonesty, Plagiarism, Rhetoric Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: October 4, 2014

You are required to complete this quiz and submit it to your instructor for grading. Please answer each question as directed

1. The real issue with plagiarism is how many words I change in a passage another has written; for example, if I change the tenses or drop one fourth of the words or move the order of the words around, I have not plagiarized.True ___False __

2. The following information does not need to be cited because it is common knowledge.
“On December 31, 1956, the Wall Street Journal reported that sales of Elvis Presley memorabilia has grossed over 22 million dollars in the past few months.”True ___False ____

3. What does it mean to summarize a text? How does this differ from paraphrasing?

4. When I paraphrase an idea or argument or use a short quotation from a lecture or television program, no acknowledgement /documentation is required. True ___False ___

5. All of the following are examples of plagiarism or academic dishonesty: paraphrasing or summarizing without documentation; copying charts or graphs or images even with changes made (because the “idea” or structure/organization/composition remains); submitting someone else’s homework or lab report as your own; and submitting a paper that you wrote for another class to complete an assignment in a different class without securing permission from the instructor of the class where the old paper is being submitted.

True ___False ___
6. Define plagiarism.

7. The media regularly reports on prominent individuals who have plagiarized academic writing, speeches, or books—for example, Stephen Ambrose, Martin Luther King and Doris Kearns Goodman—but their careers are not destroyed. Thus, it is clear that our society is conflicted on the subject of plagiarism. True ___False ___

8. Plagiarism in ENC 1101 and 1102 at USF refers to when a student turns in work purported to be his or her own but uses ideas, words, or...

Cited: page, or there is inadequate citing of photos or other images. True ___ False ____
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