Mid Summer Nights Dream

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Option #1 Battle of the Sexes
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Option #1 Battle of the Sexes
In Shakespeare’s play titled A Midsummer Nights Dream, there are a few underlying themes throughout the play. The one I will be focusing on is the battle of the sexes that occurs in the play between the couples in the fairy world, and in the “real world.” We see unusual styles of courting women, and paradoxical qualities of love dramatized with the battle of the sexes that occurs throughout the play. Shakespeare is able to portray a battle of the sexes through Oberon’s jealousy of Titiana’s new love, and through Helena’s desperate determination to have Demetrius love her as much as she loves him.

We are fist confronted with this battle for love when Titiana and Oberon meet and begin to dicuss who will have “custody” of the changeling child. We see Titania show extreme affection for the boy, and I believe that is out of jealousy and anger toward Oberon who has been sleeping with other women like Phillida and Hippolyta “ Playing on pipes of corn, and versing love, to amorous Phillida” (Riverside Shakespeare, 1997, pg. 261 lines 67-68). The boy is a child to one of Titania's worshippers that has passed away and seems to be of interest to Oberon. Shakespeare ties this battle between the two fairies to the change of the weather and the winter coming. Oberon mentions that this bad weather that is created and the entire fight could be stopped if he could have the changeling boy as his henchmen “ Do you amend it then; it lies in you. Why should Titania cross her Oberon? I do but beg a little changeling boy, to be my henchmen” (Riverside Shakespeare, 1997, pg. 262 line 118-121). Titania responds by saying, “The fairy land buys not the child of me” (Riverside Shakespeare, 1997, pg.262 line 123). This infuriates Oberon and causes him to act drastically. Oberon knows he has to win Titania's love back to get what her wants and Shakespeare makes it very interesting the way he approaches Oberon’s courtship. Instead of winning back her love with flowers and attention, Oberon intends on drugging his Queen and has her fall drastically in love with the next object or creature she lays her eyes on.

The battle of the sexes that Shakespeare has started is just starting to heat up. Oberon cannot stand that he is not getting his way with this changeling that Titania is obsessing over and that she does not obey her King. This situation amy be compared to a husband and wife fighting over the possession of a child when going through a rough point in his or her relationship. Although currently, I do not believe that a magical flower exists that can drastically change a person’s affection level toward you. In Shakespeare’s world, this item does exist and causes more bad then good in this play. Titania is ready to brawl over the possession of the boy and Oberon does not like it “ Titania: We shall chide downright, if I longer stay. Obe: Well; go thy way. Thall shalt not from this grove. Till I torment thee for this injury” (Riverside Shakespeare, 1997, pg. 262...

References: G. Blakemore Evans, & J.J.M. Tobin. (Eds.). (1997) . The Riverside Shakespeare Second Edition. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company
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