Mla Writing Style

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MLA Writing Style

Making it easy!
Making it easy!

What is it and why is it important?
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Sponsored by the Modern Language Association Used by discipline area Provides consistency in the formatting of a research paper. Provides a uniform way to document the sources used in research (Remember PLAGIARISM!!)

Real life consequences to plagiarism

Plagiarism can result in failing an assignment or even a class. Plagiarism can result in getting fired from a work situation where you “borrow” written material from someone else. Plagiarism can even result in court cases where the rights holder feels their work has been stolen.

To find info on MLA?

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Consult The Writer’s Brief Handbook, chapter on Document Design (221-33, 4th ed.). Consult the chapter in The Writer’s Brief Handbook on MLA-Style Documentation (329-62, 4th ed.) Consult OCLS web page for further web links: – Click on Links to Resources.

Consult the authority of MLA: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 5th ed.

Characteristics of MLA?

There are two basic parts to MLA that allow you to document your sources used for writing your paper. –

In text citations

what you do with the information in the body of your paper.
how you list your sources at the end of your paper.

Works Cited

Example of an in-text citation: 2 methods in MLA (WBH, p.331, ex 1-2) 

When the author is mentioned in your writing, only use the page numbers at the end: – –

According to Smith and Jones the MLA writing style is used predominantly in the humanities. (15). NOTE: If there is no author, then use the title.

When the author is not mentioned in your writing include the author(s) and page numbers at the end: –

“ The MLA writing style is used primarily in the various disciplines of the humanities.” (Smith and Jones 15). NOTE: If there is no author, then use the title.

Web Site -- In Text Citation

There is no pagination for web sites unless page numbering/or paragraph denotations are embedded in the HTML code. –

Don’t use the page numbering that you get when you print the web page. That is determined by your printer/font settings.

See p. 335, ex. 16

MLA List of Works Cited Writers Brief Handbook, p. 335-6; 349-50    

It is a list of all the sources you actually cite or quote in the body of your paper. It is not a list of all sources consulted in your research process It is a separate listing at the end of your paper The page has the title of: –

Works Cited

MLA List of Works Cited, cont.

Be sure you gather all bibliographic information as you go along Sort your bibliography, separating out the ones that you did not quote from or reference in the body Alphabetize by author’s last name; title, if no author (drop a, an, the).

MLA List of Works Cited, cont.

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The first line of the citation starts on the left margin. Each following line is indented 5 spaces. The whole page is double spaced. Jones, Millie and Johnny Smith. Using MLA at IWU. Marion: IWU Press, 1997. Moe, Mollie. Research at the Master’s Level. Marion: IWU Press, 1998.

Formats for Books (Hardcopy) p. 336-39
Last Name, FirstName. Title of Book. City: Publisher, copyright date. LastName, First Name and FirstName LastName. Title of Book. City: Publisher, copyright date. Title of Book. City: Publisher, copyright date.

Format for Articles (Hardcopy) p. 339-341
Last Name, FirstName. “Title of the Article.” Journal Title Date: pp#. 
 

Usually there is an actual date on the journal, e.g. month/year; day/month/year. If so, use this format: Apr 2001; 26 Apr 2001 If not then, you can use the variations on pp. 349-50. Use actual pagination, since you have the article in front of you, e.g. 39-46.

Format for Web Sites (Generally speaking) p. 341-5:
Author/producer. “Title of Page.” Source. Date written. Access date. . Zust,...

Cited: If you have further questions, please call OCLS.
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