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An organization is an organized body of people with a particular purpose especially business organization. In order to maintain a business organization, it involves a lot of process, which include organizational structure, and organizational process. Organizational structure is the vertical and horizontal configuration of departments, authority and job within a company. The most common organizational structure is functional departmentalization. Functional departmentalization organizes work and workers into separate units responsible for particular business functions or areas of expertise. Companies tend to use this structure when they are small or just starting out. An organizational process is the collection of activities that transforms inputs into outputs that customers value. The purpose of an organizational structure is to define the guidelines, parameters and the procedural process necessary for a group to accomplish a main objective. In the bottom line, an organizational structure organizes priorities hierarchically by means of identifying task critical to a group realizing an end goal, which is very important for a success business organization.

However, having a good organizational structure is rather important for the organizations. Thus, throughout the organizational process, which involves functional departmentalization, is a very critical tasks and should be handled well as improper arrangement will definitely affects the whole organization. Having said that, the well-known gigantic computer technologies companies such as Microsoft and Apple Inc., it is undeniable that both the companies are one of the most successful organizations in computer technologies industry. In Microsoft, the company placed their employees in the appropriate divisions based on their specialized skills to place more value on the evolving needs of the customer. By using a functional departmentalization, Microsoft feels they are offering their customers with their...
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