Movie Review: "JOBS"

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: December 29, 2013
REVIEW: “Jobs”

The movie is based on the real- life story of Steve Jobs, an innovative and creative CEO of Apple company. This movie takes place in 2001 with Steve Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher, introducing the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting. Then it jumps back to 1974, when Jobs attended classes in Reed College, even though he is not really a student there. Jobs were friends with Steve Wozniak, who is the actual person who built the first personal computer, Apple 1. Then the story of Apple begins.

I like this movie. If you like documentaries, it would be a great movie to watch. Also, if you like businesses, and the way it is managed, then this movie will be enjoyable. There are lots of scenes where we can look back at ourselves and think what we have done in our life; what kind of obstacles we have overcome and what kind of efforts we put in to overcome the obstacles. The main characters, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne are the people who made a great company, starting in a garage. They made tremendous effort and took a lot of risks to make their dream come true. Here are three reasons why you should watch this movie.

The story is about Steve Jobs and his incredible effort to achieve his dream. Steve Jobs had to overcome the fact that he was adopted. He had to overcome the fact that he didn’t have the money or a proper working place. He had to overcome the fact that he was fired from a company he founded. All these obstacles, blocking Steve Jobs from reaching his dream, of making a powerful company, only made him stronger. In order to achieve his dreams of selling more of Apple computers, he had to make a thousand phone calls a day, only to be rejected. Throughout the movie, you can see hardships every original member of Apple had to overcome. This is the reason why you should watch this movie: to learn to overcome your obstacles.

The main character represents a great CEO.
When you are watching Steve Jobs, you can feel in your...
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