My Journey to College

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Rosemary Ohenewaa
Hall Crawford
12 September 2014
My Journey to College: My Life My Journey
In Today’s World, we are used to being disguised whether for the fear of rejection by others or the fear of disappointing ourselves. Most of the time, most people are afraid to find out who they really are. College is a big challenge on the journey to finding ourselves. As I was growing up, I don’t remember much but the things that I do remember and experienced has made me who I am today and I will carry these memories with me till the day I die. In this essay I intend to talk about my journey to College. Most of the people in family attended College and others didn’t. Those of my family members who attended College are now either Doctors or Nurses and the those of my family members who didn’t attended College are working regular Jobs and struggling to provide for their family and that has Influence me to go to College. Going to College doesn’t necessary means you’re going to have a bright Future but with Work and Dedication, You will reach your Goal and you could be whoever or whatever you want to be in Life. I am going to College to study and become a Lawyer. The reason why I chose this is because I’m tired of working a regular Job and depending on a week to week paycheck to Survive so I decided to make a change. I want a job that I will love what I do. I chose Criminal Justice as my major because my brother died when he was 23years old and no Justice was served. I want to be a prosecutor to get Justice for Victims and their family. When my brother died and no Justice was served for him, It took a big Impact on my family and till this day, because it was no Justice served for him, Most of my family members still cry’s and mourn for my brother. As a prosecutor I will make sure no family ever experienced the pain me and my family went through. I want to be someone who other’s look up to and I know it’s going to take hard work and dedication to...

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