Neocolonialism Essay

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Neocolonialism Essay
For the essay (research) assignment you are asked to answer the following essay questions in a formal essay format (i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion). Please make sure that you answer the questions fully. Do not rely solely upon your textbook, you will need to utilize outside sources. However, I will not accept questionable website sources such as Wikipedia, blogs, etc. Government and other reputable sites of similar quality will be accepted. If you are unsure if a website is acceptable, please ask for approval. You will be expected to include peer reviewed research articles as well. When using outside sources, you will be expected to cite your sources according to APA guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with the APA Guidelines, please ask for where you may find APA guideline sources.

* What are the social phenomena of neocolonialism?
* Describe the origins of neocolonialism.
* What are the effects of neocolonialism?
* Name at least one way in which neocolonialism can be rectified? * What is your personal perspective regarding neocolonialism and its impact upon developing nations? Please be sure to support your position with facts gained through your research into the subject.

Assignment Requirements:

* You must provide at least three outside sources.
* The sources must be properly cited both in-text and in a reference page according to APA Guidelines. * The paper must be no less than 3 pages in length (not including title page and reference page), but can be longer if needed. * The paper must double spaced, 12 pt. new times roman or arial font, and include headers and pagination. * The paper must include a title page ion APA format.

* An essay must consist of an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs that address the above listed essay objectives, and a conclusion paragraph that wraps all your thoughts together at the end.

Please see the following grading criteria....
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