New York, Never Again

Topics: John F. Kennedy, English-language films, United States Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: October 3, 2013
New York Never Again
I was walking through the 5th Avenue, in the early morning. It was my last day in the States. My flight was going tomorrow morning from John F. Kennedy airport, so I would be in Manchester at 5 o’ clock a.m. because of the difference in time between England and USA. I enjoyed my long trip to America, but now after four mouths, I’m just looking forward to see my family again. New York was the last city I was visited. My trip started in California with my two best friends, but they were just here to have fun, and go to nightclubs every evening. I also did that in a week, but it was too expensive, and I was very tired. We arrived in America together, but after two weeks, they traveled home, and then I was alone. I didn’t have very much money, so I decided to search for job, and in San Francisco I got a very boring job, but I accepted that and after some quiet weeks, I had enough money. That was a very nice experience to try working in USA, and now I’m very happy, for the moneys I had earned. When I was nearly in the end of the 5th Avenue, I came to the well-known Apple Store. When I arrived in USA, I wanted to buy a laptop from Apple, and now I was standing I front of this big glass store. I walked into the store, and looked after the laptop. I was waiting in the long pay queue. Suddenly two security guards grabbed me and pulled me out of the store, where two cops took me into the police car, and drove me to an old warehouse. They only said that they would like to talk with me, but I didn’t know why. They said they already knew me, and they had enough to put me in prison. I didn’t have any chance to say anything, before I would be set for a court tomorrow. I stayed in prison one night, so a policeman changed my flight ticket to another day. I asked the policeman to contact my family in England, but he couldn’t do it, because they thought I was a member of the local gang. I was absolutely mad, mostly because I haven’t seen my family in long...
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