Observation Report Form

Topics: Sitting, Scientific method, Hygiene Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Observation Report Form

Observer’s Name: _Stacy Trokey______________________

DATE: _2/27/15_______________Time: __9:00______________

Child’s Name: _Alex___________________Child’s Age: _48 months_____

Age Group or Class Observed: ___3-5 years_______________________________

Teacher(s): ___________________________________________________________

Observation Focus: _Routines and Transitions_______________________________

I. Setting:
The observation is being completed within the classroom, at the snack table.

II. Participants:
Alex, 6 other children, two classroom teachers, myself

III. Section 1: The Observation
Staff member brought snack in on tray 10 minutes prior to snack time. Alex, seeing the staff member went and sat at table for snack by climbing over the back of the chair, instead of pulling the chair out and sitting in it correctly. Alex sat in the seat for 5 minutes before teacher told all the children that they needed to clean up and wash hands for snack time. Alex removed self from table and walked around the room for 2 minutes. Teacher then reminded students again to wash hands after they are finished cleaning up. Alex then walked over to the sink, turned faucet on, placed soap in hands, rubbed hands together and rinsed hands for snack time. Alex again walked over to the snack table, started to climb over the back of the chair to sit in it; teacher reminded Alex to sit in the chair correctly, Alex stopped climbing, pulled chair out and sat correctly in the chair.

The teacher gave each student snack, cheese stick and juice, on the table. Alex said thank you to the teacher. Alex took a bite out of his cheese stick and observed another child pulling their cheese stick into strings and then started copying that child and eating the cheese stick in strands versus just taking bites out of the cheese stick like before. Alex ate all of snack, removed self from table and put cup in sink.

IV. Section 2:...

References: Page. Include a reference page to give the Berk citation.
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