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 Running Head: It’s Your Turn

It’s Your Turn

Stephanie Pugh

McDaniel College

It’s Your Turn
A contract is a verbal or written agreement between the client and the OD practitioner. The contract specifies the expectations of the client and the OD practitioner. The client and the OD practitioner collaborate with each other and provide the resources necessary for the OD practitioner to access the organization and areas that need change. The contract may also include confidentially and how the OD practitioner will be involved in personal issues (Cummings & Worley, 2005). In the case study, It’s Your Turn, Steve clearly entering into a contract with Newfangled Software when he started working for them nine years ago. Although, he is no longer their contractor he should have maintained the companies confidentially and ethical guidelines when he was conversing with Tom about Newfangled Software. In this report I will explain what my decision would be about Newfangled Software’s job offer. I will also examine contract issues that are important to me and how I would handle Dyer’s if he displayed the same behavior Steve described if I accepted the OD practitioner position with Newfangled Software. First, if I were Tom I would be affected by the information Steve provided to me about Newfangled Software. Before Steve told Tom about his experience with Newfangled Software, he told Tom to keep the information confidential. It sounded like Steve knew that he should not have shared the information with anyone else, but he did. Although Steve worked for Newfangled Software nine years ago he should keep the details of his experience confidential. Steve could have provided Tom with information about his experience with the company that would not affect the confidential and ethical...
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