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H. Wayne Huizenga School
of Business and Entrepreneurship
Course Syllabus
OPS 5095 – Service Operations Management
Online Format Winter 2014
Course Blackboard Website: http://sharklearn.nova.edu

Dr. Frank Wolf
802 388 9911


This course focuses on services management in general and service operations in particular. It explores the elements that unite services, that differentiate service processes from non-service processes and that differentiate various types of services from each other. Customers generally participate in the service process, often with direct and uncensored interactions with employees and facilities. The resulting variations in demand present a challenge to the operations manager to use effectively the perishable service capacity. This results because production and consumption occur simultaneously and thus the inability to inventory services. The course covers strategic and tactical issues associated with designing and managing service operations. It provides tools to help assess operations, redesign processes, and establish systems to ensure an excellent customer experience. Student operations service learning experience is reinforced with case studies. Prerequisites: ECN 5050, FINP 5008 or equivalent, and QNT 5040.

(MGT 5020 OR GMP 5020 )
AND ( QNT 5040 OR GMP 5040 )
AND ( ECN 5050 OR GMP 5050 )
AND ( FINP 5008 OR GMPF 5008 OR FINC 3010 OR FIN 3010 )


1.Describe services and service operations (CC1).
2.Analyze the service concepts and strategies adopted by an organization (CC2). 3.Apply process design and management techniques to practical business problems (CC3). 4.Analyze the role of the customer in the delivery of services (CC4). 5.Analyze the role of information systems in process management and the delivery of services (CC5). 6.Analyze the role of human resources in the delivery of services (CC6). 7.Use effective writing organization and format (including APA style) (CC7).

A.Required Materials
Fitzsimmons, James A., Fitzsimmons, Mona J., and Sanjeev Bordoloi, Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology, 8th Ed., Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2014. ISBN 978-0-07-802407-8. Cases and Readings - CoursePack Title: OPS 5095: Service Operations Management. CoursePack must be purchased from NSU Bookstore (see ordering information below). APA Manual

The APA Manual 6th Edition is a recommended textbook for all courses as APA style is **required. ** Note: APA has published an APA Style Guide to Electronic References (2007). It has (1) information on how to format new media including blogs, podcasts, wikis, and YouTube and (2) has changed the rules for citing scholarly articles retrieved electronically.

The Alvin Sherman Library has obtained an institutional subscription available to all faculty and students at http://www.nova.edu/library/dils/teachinghandouts/APAchanges.htm. The PDF file attached to the library link provides a revised and updated version of section 4.16 of the fifth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2001, pp. 268–281).

Many of the changes require an understanding of the changing nature of electronic resources and methods of accessing scholarly resources. For example, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are to be included in the citations when available.

NSU Bookstore: Textbooks and Case Studies may be purchased from the NSU Bookstore (located in the University Park Plaza) by calling 1-800-509-2665 or online at http://www.nsubooks.bkstore.com. B.Recommended Materials

The NSU libraries comprise the Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center, East Campus Branch Library, Health Professions Division Library, Law Library and Technology Center, North Miami...

Citations: may be footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical references. (USNA, 2004).
3. Recognize the work of others even if you are not borrowing their words. Theories, interpretations, assessments, and judgments are all intellectual contributions made by others and must be attributed to them. (USNA, 2004).
7. Provide a citation when in doubt. Always err on the side of caution. (USNA, 2004).
USNA, (2004). United States Naval Academy 9USNA) Statement on Academic
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