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Communication is a dynamic process, emergent, containing unprecedented elements, a contingent sequence of events, interaction, interpersonal, intrapersonal, subjective narration, called thought, within an environment of ever changing situations, conditions, creating shared meaning, succeeding in its stated aims, goals, or objectives, or, failing, if meaning is not created and shared NOT communication— by sharing codes, through a verbal system of symbols, and emblems that appear to be symbolic, with a wide vocabulary and semantic sensitivity, and through a less systematized system of nonverbal behaviors and self-expressive representations, including all of the vocalic that give speech its beauty of resonance and clarity, intentionally sent, transmitted with previous knowledge of idea, desire, and hoped-for outcomes, received as intentional, derived by another as the idea, desire, or hoped-for outcome of the sender or source, consciously sent and received, fully aware of —able to articulate— the ideas, desires and outcomes at the level of speaking them, and received by others with an awareness of the level of ability of the receiver to articulate what the sender desires, believes, thinks, or wants as an outcome, face to face, in person with at least one other present, baby, man, woman, or dog, and with the potential for feedback from another with the capability of returning by word or deed the intent of the communicator. But the objective of communication as it is perceived, is to simplify the purpose of itself. It is an interaction of any kind between two entities, which are the sender and the receiver. It has no dictionary definition, for no theory has ever been accepted as a universal meaning for COMMUNICATION. Hence, we consider the word itself, the best describing attribute of it. Communication is a basic instinct of every living being on the planet, which facilitates survival. Not a day passes in man’s life without communication happening in one way or the other. And so, it becomes very important tool of every organization for without it, an organization loses its shape and structure. Hence, organizational communication is considered a prominent subject for proper growth and working of any organization. Organizational communication consists broadly of two aspects, which are internal and external. Any form of communication happening inside an organization consisting of that between co-workers, employee-employer, teammates etc. is classified as internal organizational communication. A team meeting, a gossip, grapevine and an appraisal are a few to name. The communication taking place between an organization and entities external to the organization can be classified as external organizational communication. A PR activity, a CSR initiative for public welfare, a merger etc. fall under this category.

Reason for choice:
My special interest in APPLE Inc, its products and its perfection brought to the customer’s desk are a few reasons that can be stated for choosing APPLE Inc, which otherwise can be exemplified by the Apple products I use and my special interest in the perfection guru, Steve Jobs. About the dream company:

Apple Inc was founded by the famous Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976 and was later incorporated on January 3, 1977 without Wozniak, who sold his shares to Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne for $800. Today, APPLE stands 19th in the “Fortune 500” race, 1st among the “Most admired Companies”, 1st among the “World’s most innovative companies” and also 1st among the “World’s most powerful brands”, and so the list goes endless. Stating the obvious, Apple is among the top companies worldwide and so it has its organizational communication internally and externally.

Let us take a deep dive into the internal and external communications of APPLE Inc, as it is equally...

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