Organizational Culture at Apple Inc

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Organizational Culture at Apple Inc.
In the year 1976, it was a dream for most people to buy a computer for their homes. Back then the computer community added up to a few brainy hobbyists. So when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold a van and two programmable calculators for thirteen hundred dollars and started Apple Computers, Inc., in Jobs garage, the reach for success seemed far. But these two young business men, Wozniak 26 years old and Jobs 21 years old, had a vision. Computers aren't for nerds anymore, they announced. Computers are going to be the bicycle of the mind. Low cost computers for everyone. From the first day on the founders of Apple kept their vision intact and they spoke it at every turn. They only hired people into the company that had the same visions as they did. Even though Jobs was the founder of Apple Computers, he resigned from Apple Computers in 1985 to form NextStep Computers after losing control of Apple. Steve Jobs was re-hired in 1997 to save Apple from its beleagurement when the past three CEO's could not bring Apple to its glory days again. Steve Jobs is one of the founders of the Apple. From the beginning his main goal was to make technologies that will change the life style and that will serve the customer. Jobs left the apple during the 80ies, only to return in 1997 and completely shake things up. He is known not only as a good visionare but as well as someone whose decisions are always unpredictable (switching to Intel). He is as well known for publicly provoking his competitors (Mac vs PC videos and talking how Michael Dell and his empire are far behind Apple when it comes to innovation and that they can only copy them. Knowing to implement excellent design to all of its products - Apple is putting a lot effort when it comes to design of all its products. After Steve jobs returned to the company, both desktop and laptop computers received new stylish helmets. Even the OS X and later Tiger had better appearance than Windows. Apple Computer, Inc. has experienced both the best of times and the worst of times. The further survival and success of this company will depend on what strategic course they decide to pursue. In order to do this, the company must first re-establish what it actually is and what it aims to become. It is important to start a course of action and develop a culture that understands and supports Apple’s mission. The computer industry is important for Apple. It should therefore concentrate in its expansion. However, survival in the computer industry depends on the development of new products and technology. Products are subject to quick obsolescence and being a leader in new products is essential. In the past, a budget was cut as a cost saving measure. This is still advised due to the importance of developing new technology.

Another recommendation for Apple is to consider the licensing of clones. Apple is the only company in the PC market that makes both computers and the operating systems to run them, whereas the market is dominated by computers that combine Intel processors with Microsoft operating systems. Because of their financial situation, they need to better position themselves to quickly produce and distribute any newly developed products. For example, if they developed a revolutionary new product, cloning companies could assist in the production and distribution of this technology. Revenues would be generated from the licensing agreements. This could result in quickly establishing this new technology in the industry and re-establish Apple as a leader in technology development. Developing a better marketing and distribution of their products is a further recommendation for Apple. Apple products are not as available as PCs to the retail market. People should have as easy access to Apple products as they have on other PC’s. Next, Apple should develop an integrated and easy-to-use computer system. This system could be targeted to young children and older...

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