Overcoming Challenges

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Writing Pages: 4 (679 words) Published: October 8, 2013


At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.Integrate reading skills, critical thinking skills, grammar skills, and expository writing skills.

2.Evaluate diverse texts and use these texts to inform their own arguments.

3.Support a coherent thesis using a variety of clear and correct English sentence structures.

Teaching/ Learning Strategies

Students will read, analyze, and discuss various essays, and will perform writing and grammatical exercises. Students will write one summary and four 1000-word essays (c. four pages each), participate in group presentations, write occasional homework assignments including a reading response, and write a take-home final exam.

Required Text

Kirszner, & Mandell, (2012). Patterns for college writing (12th ed.). Boston: St. Martin’s.

Course Requirements

1.Four essays will be written on the following:

Essay 1 - Description/Narration. Describe a vivid event from your own life, an occasion where you had to overcome a challenge. Line up the ideas to make them easy to follow. Give details to “invoke the senses” and include a thesis/lesson for the reader.

Essay 2 - Exemplification. If you could change three or four things at your school, workplace, or city, what would they be? (see p.261 #3) Use examples to point out problems and suggest solutions. You could focus on problems, on solutions, or equally on both. Tie your recommendations together with a single thesis statement.

Essay 3 - Comparison/Contrast. Pick a category of people, and then compare two types of people within the category. Define the category, and then compare the same qualities of the two types. Try to give equal time to each type, and try to describe the experience of each. Imagine an audience that will encounter both groups and wishes to get informed about them. Examples: soccer fans v. football fans, truck drivers v. motorcycle drivers, comic collectors v. toy collectors....
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