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I wake up bright and early only to realize one of my greatest journalistic achievements was about to be fulfilled. I had landed a once-in-a-lifetime interview with the C.E.O. of Apple himself, Mr. Steven Paul Jobs, better known as Steve Jobs. I continue thru my daily routine, and leave the house focused and determined to squeeze every ounce of knowledge from this well-known gentleman. The choice for this important setting is the Starbucks on 33rd and 7th Ave. for the interview. I received a tip that Steve loves a good Hot Chocolate. I wait patiently for him to walk in. And just like that…. He walks in. He is dressed identically to all of his Key Note speeches and presentations. Tall, skinny, greyish hair combed slickly down to the back of his neck. I couldn’t help myself but to also notice his “story” filled eyes, glancing at his surroundings as he whispered to his “security” element that he agreed with the setting. Black sweater and blue jeans as usual, with a smooth aftershave like musk surrounding him. I got up from my seat and finally shake hands with “the man”. “Good Morning, and thank you for this surreal opportunity to ask you a few questions throughout your busy schedule”. “No worries young lad” he replies, “It’s my privilege to take time and sit with tomorrow’s youth and figure out what I can do to better build Tomorrow’s Technological advances here at Apple”. “Once again, all I can say is thank you… So why don’t we get started? “Sure thing… I’m ready when you are” Early Life

So, after some small talk on how easily the flights from LAX can get delayed, and a delicious Venti Hot Chocolate, we decide to get down to business. I was curious as to where to start. But I figured, Can’t go wrong if I just stick to the roots, the basics… starting from the Beginning. ”So, tell me a little about yourself, your childhood, your life. How did you create this “empire” if I may?” And just like that, he began telling his amazing story. “I was born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955. I was a beautiful result of a fine relationship between Carole Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali (of Syrian origin), who were two young college students who give me up for adoption to a middle-class couple by the name of Paul and Clara Jobs. My biological parents would eventually marry and have another daughter, known as the novelist Mona Simpson, whom by the way, I didn’t meet until I was grown. Within my new family, I grew up with my other sister, Patty. My father, Paul Jobs, was a machinist for the state railway company and also fixed cars on the side. I remember my dad always being really good with his hands. If something broke, I knew he would be the one to fix it. My mother was an accomplished homemaker. In 1961 my family and I moved to Mountain View, a town south of Palo Alto that was beginning to become a rich industry for electronics. A lot of the electronics being seen were radios, televisions, stereos and computers. There, I attended the Cupertino Middle School and Homestead HS Institute, also in Cupertino. I was suddently intrigued by electronics and gadgets, which led me to join a club named at the time, "The Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club". It was there where I had my first opportunity to play and “interview” with a computer; Did I forget to mention that I was only 12?? Crazy huh? Funny enough, I was so impressed that I made a long-term life altering decision. I WANTED TO WORK WITH COMPUTERS! While working on a computer, I asked former president of the company, William Hewlett, for some parts needed to complete an ongoing class project I was putting together. He was so impressed with my work, that he eventually ended up offering me a summer job. I would eventually begin with an internship, that would become a detrimental step in my success. My buddy Wozniak had no choice but to let everyone know what his intentions were. He wanted to build a personal computer for Hewlett-Packard. Everyone at the...

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