PED 116 Final Project

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Final Project
Your final project involves a detailed plan for wellness that encompasses your entire course studies. This is to be individualized for you, as the student. You are expected to look at each of the chapters and incorporate the content into your final, personal project. There are two parts to this project:

1.  Your Written Project Report Should Include the Following: All information should be written in your own words, with as few quotes from research as possible.  Your quoted total should not exceed 15% of your paper total.  All restated or quoted material from sources should be properly cited in APA format throughout your paper.  Additionally, you should include a detailed works cited page at the end of your written report Detailed information on your wellness plan that includes relating your written material to your family's healthy history, your personal state of wellness right now.  Think about the material we have covered and touch on all of these chapters when you consider your background information.  Include information on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stress, cardiorespiratory factors, muscular strength and endurance and body composition.  Include information from physician's appointments and address specific health concerns that you personally face - all of these things are part of defining issues and making a wellness plan.  Identify the need for change using examples such as your BMI, workout habits, health conditions you face, stressors, nutritional habits (25 points). Include a detailed compare and contrast section that provides information on things you used prior to this course versus now, towards the end of it (positive or negative).  Also, clearly identify changes you wish to make and your plan to get there.  (This includes equipment, locations to workout, where to shop, strategies for overcoming your weaknesses, and other key factors that apply to you - maybe what shift you work or if you have small children - how will...
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