People Can’t Succeed in Life Without Education

Topics: Youth, Higher education, Graduation Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 9, 2013
People Can’t Succeed In Life without Education In recent years, the ratio of quitting education in high-schools and universities improves. A lot of students think they can get some jobs without education. They want to do anything that can give them more knowledge than in school. Besides, many wealthy people over the world have never graduated from any universities, even though they stopped studying in high-school. Young people see it as examples for their life. A number of people think education just helps you the first step in your career, and to be successful requires you more than education. Although, there are many people who can succeed without graduating from high-school or university, having a good education is the best way to achieve success in life. In some countries, young people have right to do anything that they want when they reach 16-years-old. Some of them decide to stop school at that time and change their life into another way. They think that is enough for them to find a job, and live their life exactly as they want. The truth is a few people can succeed following that way, and the rest of them can’t find the right way to keep moving. After moving out of their family and having a new life, they think they are enough mature to decide everything. Most of them can’t control themselves and stuck to evil society. So, young people should be taught to avoid the bad things that they will meet in their life. Nowadays, there are many billionaires over the world. The important thing is a lot of them have never graduated from any universities. For example, the leaders of three famous companies: Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are Bill Gates, Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg; they all quit their university. It is the best evidence for young people to prove that everyone can succeed without education. However, three of them are brilliant, talented; not everyone can do

the same things as they did. Even Bill Gates recommended that everyone should have a good...
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