Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper
Jen Shanahan
June 30, 2014
Professor David Catoe
Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

The way in which we communicate impacts all areas of our lives. It impacts our relationships with our family members, loved ones, doctors or peers every day. To communication in an online team meeting, or having a discussion to your instructors, communication is how we collect and process information and express ourselves.

Health Communication

Health communication is a multidimensional process and includes aspects from both the sender and the receiver of the message. Communication skills did not appear on the average nursing school curriculum. Much has changed in the last decades; communication skills have become an integral part of training. At the same time, the patient has become more challenging, it is the age of customer service and patient satisfaction. In response to these changes, health care providers, including nurses have needed to change their approach to patients (Torgan, Ph.D., 2013).

Your communication skills influence many patient outcomes such as anxiety, adherence to treatments, and satisfaction with care. To establish a therapeutic relationship, you need to understand and apply the concepts of respect, caring, empowerment, trust, empathy, and mutuality, as well as confidentiality and veracity. Understanding communication barriers in the relationship (e.g., anxiety, stereotyping, or violations of personal space or confidentiality) affects the quality of the relationship. Employing actions that communicate feelings of respect, caring, warmth, acceptance, and understanding to the client is an interpersonal skill that requires practice. Caring for others in a meaningful way improves with experience (Arnold & Boggs, 2011).

According to “”, “health communication and health information technology (IT) are central to health care, public health, and the way our society views health. These processes make up the context and the ways professionals and the public search for, understand, and use health information, impacting their health decisions and actions. Health communication encompasses the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health. It links the areas of communication and health and is increasingly recognized as a necessary element of efforts to improve personal and public health.”

According to the Healthy People 2010, health communication can impact many different attributes to the prevention of disease and promotion of health and is significant in a number of settings, including (1) relations between healthcare and patients (2) persons’ experience to, seeking for, and usage of health information, (3) a patients adherence to medical recommendations, (4) the formation and foundation of public health communication and operations (5) images or perception of health in avenues of television and news (7) the education of patients and instructions on how to gain access to the public health, and (8) the advancement of tele-health products or systems or new health and IT blending. You nursing students are the future of healthcare and communications, you will see how intimate of a relationship you will have with IT and patient information on many levels, health care information technology will assist you in your many roles as a professional nurse.

Theorists and Theories

It is important to know our nursing history and the theorists who shaped our profession, so we can find pieces that we can identify with and use them as a guide in your practice.

Hildegard Peplau, Application of Interpersonal Theory in Nursing Practice, has an emphasis on the verbal aspects of communication. By using the nurse as the mode to help the patient heal and overcome illness or negative patterns of behavior....

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