Persuasive Essay on Why to Choose a Mac

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The Personal Computer
There is a point in ones life where they are confronted with the arduous task of deciding what computer is best for them, this decision process is usually decided on a few factors which are price, reliability, security, storage space and of course the computers speed. In today’s economy buying a machine of value that works is hard to come by but one company has it figured out; it is time to invest in Apple computer. Apple is a company that was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne in the hopes of making the PC personal again. The Apple revolution began in 1984 when Macintosh was introduced.

In 1984 Apples market share was only 5% now its at 9.4% and slowly growing. The reason for this is due to Apple’s super intuitive operating system., great customer service, and award winning technical support. Apple unlike its competitors offers three types of technical support while other companies only offer two. Apple has in store support and is the only company to do so, even better they offer free diagnoses of any apple branded product. Even the leading HP company and Dell company do not offer any in store support so the closest thing a pc user has is Best Buy’s geek squad and the cost of an initial diagnosis is a flat $120 fee. According to consumer reports Apple desktops have the lowest number of serious issues or repairs required only 13-19%. Apple also received the best ratings voted by consumers satisfied with the support offered, 81% for desktops and 84% for laptops, competitor satisfaction results were 55% with dell desktops and 61% with Lenovo laptops. Apple has a standard one-year warranty just like all other computer companies and offer an extension called its Apple protection plan that will cover you for an additional two years after, most other computer companies do not have such a program and must rely with extended warranties offered by Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, or Fry’s Electronics. Another reason to purchase a Mac is that when a machine does need a repair and is done so through their technical support parts are all apple certified parts created by the company, if you have a Microsoft based computer generally parts used to repair these machines are never original parts made by the manufacturer but Frankenstein pieces purchased from different third party suppliers to lower the cost for the repairer.

Apple is also the only company that offers in store services such as personal training in its one to one, personal shopping, and hands on workshops. No other competitor offers any support in store mainly because their computers are sold directly through other vendors for example best buy or fry’s electronics. The Apple store is an all stop shop for users. They offer a service called one to one that are training sessions vital to getting started with your Mac. This service is only $99 for a year and includes a personal setup including data migration from any machine, as well as 365 days of private 1 hour sessions with a trainer, an online web portal to keep track of goals and tutorials, member only workshops, plus an open 3 hr project slot time everyday that members can attend. Best buy offers a similar service with the geek squad the cost $120 and the major difference is that this program is only 1 session for 1 hr.

Apple is here to help users and they want to make sure they offer great support to their customers. Another benefit in purchasing a Mac over windows is you actually get an employee who is well versed and knowledgeable in the product. In other big box stores there’s no personalization to your computer buying experience because those employees are not just specializing in one type of machine. Not only that but how impossible is it to find assistance at best buy when trying to buy anything trying to find an employee is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With apple they also set up a program that can be utilized by current or future customers, its...

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