Persuasive Essay Outline Example

Topics: Citation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Problem solving Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
General Purpose: To persuade…
Specific Purpose:
Central Idea:
(Remember to highlight all 5 citations and 2 creative language) Attention:
I. First Point
a. Supporting Point
b. Explain the probable cause(s) and/or relevant history of the problem i. Statistics or quotations (with proper citation)
ii. Examples that relate to the audience (with citations) c. Connect to the audience
iii. How does this affect them
iv. Amplify the need (from maslow’s hierarchy of needs) Transition: (What did you just discuss and what are you about to discuss?) II. (Satisfaction or Solution Step here, describe the solution in detail, make sure it fits the problem adequately) d. Describe your solution or plan in detail (make sure it fits with their attitudes, beliefs and values) v. Describe how the solution will be implemented

vi. Explain what actions must be taken now or later to solve the problem vii. Describe the cost, time, and effort needed for the solution 1. Statistics or quotations (with citations)

2. Examples that relate to the audience (with citations) e. Explain why your plan will work
viii. Explain how your solution fits the problem addressed earlier 3. List ways it addresses the problem, not just the symptoms 4. Explain how it addresses the cause

ix. Show evidence to support your plan
5. Statistics or quotations (with citations)
6. Examples that relate to the audience (with citations) x. Describe an analogy of how a similar plan has worked in another place(s) Transition: (What did you just discuss and what are you about to discuss?) III. (Visualization step here, address the positive and motivational appeals)...
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