Petroleum Prices

Topics: Citation, Scientific method, Peer review Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Throughout the duration of this course, you will be performing literature reviews and presenting findings on the topic of petroleum. For this specific assignment, please do the following: Identify a topic or a problem faced by the global petroleum industry. Once the problem has been identified, your goal is to solve it. Provide an overview of the problem and a solution that is supported by current research. Tips for Selecting a Topic or Problem

What subject within the global oil and gas industry peaks your curiosity? Reflect about what is known and unknown about the subject? Why is that subject important to the rest of us or your readers? Utilize your interest in the subject and the unanswered questions about it as a starting point to develop a problem you want to analyze. A subject tends to be broad and unspecific; however, a topic will be focused. An excellent topic can always be phrased as a question. Your possible answer to that question is a hypothesis or thesis. Once you have developed the subject, topic, and hypothesis/thesis sequence, you are ready to start. The hypothesis engages the reader and guides your research. The hypothesis demands evaluation, explanation and testing. An interesting hypothesis is the soul of a good paper. Your paper should represent your interest and engagement in a particular subject. Assignment Requirements

The minimum requirements for this assignment are:
1. Chose a topic that you feel represents a relevant problem. 2. Complete research using valid scientific information found in primary journals (available through the Rita King Library's online journal database), government websites (USGS, NOAA, EPA, USDA) and scientific periodicals (Scientific American, National Geographic, etc.). 3. Analyze the problem you selected. Evaluate it for the following items: our current scientific understanding of the problem/phenomena, current research questions, current hypotheses, research bias if any, research assumptions,...
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