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Pixar Case
Pixar is a leading digital animation studio, which they create animated feature films and related products that have gross revenues over $3 billion dollars to date. They were founded in 1986, and started to be known for their short films, commercials and amazing animation features. In 2006, there company began to flourish as they had an acquisition by the Walt Disney Company for a heavy sum of $7.4 billion dollars, which Walt Disney was known for their animated movies of traditional 2D animation. This acquisition was finalized by Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, when there deal was to be expired after the 2006 movie Cars. The purpose of the deal was to protect Pixar’s creative culture of animations, while shifting some of Pixar’s amazing work over to Disney to team up and make movies that will boost both companies’ revenues, as Pixar is one of the leading animation companies around. The case also goes on about the success of Pixar and Disney and how forming together created the most dominating animation company ever. With Pixar holding such a high standard of animation work and reputation, there is many tangible, intangible and capabilities that play a factor in leading them to their success.

After reading this case, I came up with a couple tangible assets that Pixar has that separates them from the ordinary animation studio companies and also sets them to be at such a high standard. One tangible assets that plays a huge role is the Pixar University. Steve Jobs wanted to continue Pixar’s legacy of strong creative animations and input that with the movies that Disney has come up. To boost more spark in the creative ideas, Jobs created a campus like environment within Pixar’s corporation to get employees to think better and make it “less work oriented”. The campus like company transformed their office cubicles into tiki huts, circus tents, cardboard castles and other fairytale scenes to get the employees creative innovation up and spark it more so it wouldn’t just feel like a job to them, he wanted it to feel like they were actually having fun in an environment they were comfortable with to innovate. Along with the environment change, Pixar University also holds a higher standard than most animation companies with having creative programs to develop the employees into more creative innovators. With Pixar having more than 700 employees, their motto is to make more films, but make them even faster and better than the last one. So with these development programs that Pixar has, it puts emphasis on employee education as it does on company training that is the companies secret at hand. Current president of Pixar, Ed Catmull stated “during 90 percent of your workday you’re in this box” the box he is talking about is a cubical. At Pixar they believe that in their 90 percent of their workday, their walls come down, and you get to be the director of your own creative idea, after all working at Pixar takes a lot of dedication as everyone their loves the art of animation and movies. Some classes offered at the university for their employees are drawing, screenwriting and color and even a course where you make your own short film. I feel that this university is one of their tangible assets as it can be observed and qualified into making Pixar continue to grow as a company.

Another tangible asset I feel is key to Pixar is having their own Masseuse and doctors. The reason for the doctors are to make sure the employees are not getting burnt out from overthinking and creative innovation work. Jobs idea before he left Pixar for returning to Apple was to have that campus like environment where you could work up to 50 hours a week just doing what you love in creating new things for animation, but also had the idea of not burning their employees out. These doctors would come in each week and service the employees and get them to relax on their down time and also give them permission to work more than 5o...
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