Planning and Enabling Learning

Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Citation Pages: 2 (255 words) Published: February 24, 2013

Theories and principles for planning and enabling learning

Outcomes: Page - iv

• Explain ways in which theories and principles can be applied to promote learning

• Justify selection and use teaching and learning stratagies with reference to appropriate theories and principles of communication and inclusive learning.

• Apply up to date knowledge of own specialist area to enable and support inclusive learning following organisational, statutory and other regulatory requirements

• Use and justify a range of inclusive activities and resources, including new and emerging technologies to promote and maintain an inclusive learning environment

• Use and justify a range of approaches to communicate effectively with learners and relevant others in the organisation

• Demonstrate how to evaluate and improve own practice with reference to theories and principles of learning, communication, and the minimum core specifications.

Choose a theory from page 65 – suggestion titles

Suit lesson to students

Assignment page – vi/vii

Total words 2,500

1. Identify some factors affecting learning and their potential impact on learner achievement by giving a brief account of a theory of learning, using the Harvard system referencing

2. Explain how the theory/principles of learning inform your choice of teaching/learning activities and resources and help promote inclusive learning and student achievement

3. In relation to your subject specialism, evaluate your own strengths and development needs in relation to the application of theories/principles of learning, and communication drawing on feedback from learners

4. Identify some implications for your future professional development, making reference to a minimum core specifications and your subject specialism
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