Poverty in Education

Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, Cycle of poverty Pages: 16 (2523 words) Published: December 13, 2014

Poverty and Disruptive Behavior in Elementary Schools
Alison Dillard
University of Texas at the Permian Basin
Dr. Joanna Hadjicostandi
Fall 2014

This paper is trying to find a link between poverty and elementary student’s disruptive behavior in the classroom. It would be ideal to find a way to increase the potential of these students through education and finding a way to make it more important and appealing in the students’ lives. Your abstract is great, and due for someone to research and write a paper about this! I am an assistant PE teacher and my goal is to have my own classroom. I know I have many students and teacher that can relate to this topic you are researching. I believe you should expand: …finding a way to make “it” more important….and how would “it” be more appealing in their lives?


In this research paper I am going to look at the relationship between income, focusing on poverty, and the behavior of elementary students. I feel that this is an important area to investigate because of the difference in children that attend college from poverty stricken areas to areas that are better off financially. It is shown that over 80% of higher income children go to college while only 51% of students from lower income areas attend college. (Desilver). If we can reach out to these children while they are young and instill a desire for education then it can be an overall improvement for lower income areas and society as a whole. In New Mexico, the area I will be focusing on, there are over 30% of families living in poverty (Bishaw 2011). A respect and desire for education will greatly improve earning potential and quality of life for the people living in those areas. I agree that there should be more research in that area, because we need to give all students from every economic situation a reason to achieve. Your introduction is good, it targeted the idea of your research and I can see it bringing in the audience of many areas that can relate to this!

Literature Review
Poverty is in every town in the US and impacts everyone who lives there. I feel that it is important to reach out to the younger children in these neighborhoods to give them a chance to succeed despite their harder life. Education is the key to a successful life. If a child can learn to appreciate education then the quality of life will be improved in the lower income areas. I fear that lower income school districts, however, are faced with more behavioral problems than their higher income counterparts. These behavioral issues will disrupt learning in the classroom and can also make school not feel like a safe and fun environment that children will want to be in. I am not including race in my research, but it is important to point out that 33% of African-Americans in the US live below the poverty threshold (McLoyd). There is also a higher rate of violence in these areas which have an effect on children. This exposure to children at such a young age can be like PTSD in a child’s development (Spano, Rivera, Boland). When you compile the fact that 33% of African-Americans have grown up in poverty living in an area plagued with violence it leads to a vicious cycle for that population. The children in these areas want to learn. As seen in the research done by Rosemary Murray and Rebecca Harland children that were at risks were given a new chance with just some extra tutoring. It is crucial that children get attention from their parents, however, in lower income areas that is not always possible. Many parents in lower income areas have to work longer hours to provide for their children. This leaves them with less time to spend with their children. (Kieff). Studies have shown that the more active a parent is in their child’s school and life the better that child will do in school. (Gutman, McLloyd). The chances of them straying and turning to violence or drugs also...

References: Bishaw, Alemayehu. (December 2011). Areas with Concentrated Poverty: 2006-2011 American Community Survey Briefs. Retrieved from: http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acsbr10-17.pdf
Desilver, Drew
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