Power of Communication

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Power of Communication


Communication is the basic human need to share meanings and express ideas and thoughts and that can be achieved by the exchange of information between the society members. The process of communication is defined by the technology available, culture and protocols of communication. Political scientists are interested in political communication through studying the interaction communication between the political system and the political process generally and they confirmed the importance of the fundamental relationship between them, they called for re-examination and analysis of political science based on communication theories. Politics is difficult to be found without communication because there must be a link between the public and the ruling elite (decision makers), and this applies to the political system too. Citizens must be able to communicate their wishes and demands to the government, and the government should be able to communicate its decisions to citizens and justify them to win their satisfaction. Political parties and politicians needs huge public support, Where it can be said that political communication is the most important means of communication that must be followed by a party in order to gain such support. It is well known that the objective of any party is to access power or participate in it and this cannot be reached without large public support. This political communication can take various forms depends on the technology available such as press, radio, television and digital networked media. The political communication is the proper way of any party members to open dialogue with the masses of the people for establish the doctrine of their party to them, and gain popular support for the policy and programs of the party, where they listen to note of the public towards some situations and impressions towards it, and the members of the party again, during their partisan meetings to discuss the various social and economic problems in the community, and that need solutions, ranging proposals of different party members to fixing these problems through the hierarchical organization of the party until it reaches the level of leadership and integrate in the various party programs. thereby ensuring this party kind of interaction with the public surrounding it, so that lead the response to the wishes and requirements of the public in the general policy of the party, to achieve a great deal of compatibility between the party and street folk, and this goes back to the party with a great benefit in elections times, When the public find the investigator to them ambitions and expectations, and This causes at normal conditions for arrival (the party with compatibility larger with the popular will) to rule the country. Communication was and will continue to be the most important activity in human life through interacts with others to express ideas, needs and feelings and dreams, and has expressed their personality, culture and freedom and the idea of an activity that can be embodied the meaning of human dignity and values. So this make this activity one of the most activities accountable of various standards, pressures and the laws that are on the whole a fundamental question about the nature of the relationship between the media and the ethics and other aspects of human life. Communication science benefited and interact with all the of Sciences and knowledge, humanitarian, technical data and the science explain to us at this time to what affect the means of mass communication in the minds of the people and what is the size of this effect and how it is affecting. No one can deny the importance of these theories of communication that formed the communication science which had experimented in communities that adopted and tried to apply. The communication tools play an important role in political life, whether internal or the outside, not only political professionals are attach...

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Kenneth E
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