Preventing Falls

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Assessment 2: Essay- Current issues in nursing & recommendations for professional development for nurses 3875 NRS ASSESSMENT ITEM 2: INDIVIDUAL ESSAY

Current Issues in Nursing & Recommendations for Professional Development for Nurses  
Weighting:     60%
Total marks:  100
Due Date: 17th May
Task Description
You are required to write a 2000 word essay on a current nursing topic that you have observed in clinical practice. You must choose a nursing topic that you feel needs to be addressed in order to improve nursing standards/ practise. You are required to develop recommendations for future professional development for nurses. Sample topics:  sharp’s disposal, preventing hospital acquired infection, new nursing management for diseases / illnesses, falls prevention etc. Your essay will need to incorporate your reflection on your clinical experience over the past 2.5 years and is what should guide your topic of choice. Practical Applications

Your essay should include responses to the following questions: 1.                   What exactly is the issue? a.       Describe the issue
b.      Explain why there is an issue; in other words explore why the issue exists c.       Engage in critical reflection by incorporating what you have observed in clinical practice d.      Discuss what research findings report about the issue.  Examine both Australian and International literature. 2.                   What recommendations would you make for future professional development for nurses ? a.       Base recommendations  on your own experiences ( critical reflection) and evidenced-based literature so that you can support your recommendations with references  

Essay format:
Present your material in an academic essay style (please refer to style manuals available in the library if you are unsure of an essay format).  Ensure that your paper adheres to the following requirements:  

o| A...
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