Program Reenginerring

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The Concept of Program Reengineering
Detrice Jackson
Strayer University
PAD500016VA016-1126-001 Modern Public Administration
Joseph Keller
August 19, 2012

The Concept of Program Reengineering

The United States face many issues. The economy is suffering, job market is declining and unemployment is on the rise. As a result of these factors, homeless has been an issue for many years. Every city and city leaders try to come up with a solution to the problem. A lot of politicians use this issue as a platform in their campaign On June 2nd, 1998, Mayor Paul Schell spoke to the press about the needs of homeless families, women and children. He asked for the City Council’s support in providing “immediate emergency assistance to homeless families and single women, a critical step in providing lasting housing solutions for these families and individuals.” He noted that “the problem continues to grow and we absolutely must find better ways to help people find and keep housing.” He closed his remarks with a firm pledge that there will be no homeless families with children or homeless single women on the streets of Seattle by Christmas 1998. His pledge made headlines in both Seattle papers the next day. Based on the Case Study: Mayor Schell’s Zero Homeless Family Strategy, this paper will analyze four policy choices of Mayor Schell that were made as part of the strategy for the homeless, analyze the Pre-Implementation and Design Strategies of Mayor Schell and interpret four practical outcomes of his choices, reconstruct four steps taken by Mayor Schell to reengineer the program in order to fit the new objectives, and finally analyze four reasons for the importance of conducting assessments prior to new program implementation. Introduce the Case Study

The Mayor pledged there will be no homeless families with children or homeless single women on the streets of Seattle by Christmas 1998.


Citations: doc post in the Student Center under “Additional Resources”. Note:
The assignment asks for: Prepare a five to six (3-4) page paper addressing the following questions. Note that this does not include the Title or Reference pages.
Note: You will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the report, your language skills, and your writing skills. Refer to the Rubric in the Assignment for additional requirements/information.
Please review the Citation.doc for APA and citations formatting.
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