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Assignment 1 Persuasive Essay – Section 1

Select one of these prompts & write a persuasive essay in which you develop your point of view on the given issue. Support your position with reasoning, facts & examples taken from your readings, experiences, or observations. Your persuasive essay should not be a purely research based essay; rather you should aim to convince your audience to your way of thinking through your own logic and reasoning. Your ability to formulate claims & use logos, ethos & pathos to support your views without any logical fallacies will be assessed. You are required to address the opposition & counter it in order to write an un-biased piece. Please ensure that your essay is properly organized, with a thesis statement in the introduction and well-structured paragraphs that are unified & coherent. In case you cite research, you must integrate all quotations smoothly, acknowledge the sources and provide a works cited page according to the MLA Citation Style.

Prompt 1
Think carefully about the issue presented in the quotation & either support or refute the main idea. Affirmative Action programs/ quota systems are meant to redress injustice but instead they cause further injustice.

Prompt 2
Think carefully about the issue presented in the quotation & either support or refute the main idea. The private lives of politicians should be off limits. The focus should remain entirely on their performance in the public arena.

Prompt 3
Take a position on the following claim of policy:
Many countries require mandatory military service from their male citizens, for periods ranging from a few months to a few years. Pakistan should also enforce such a policy.

Prompt 4
Take a position of the following claim of value:
Sport stars can make millions of dollars through endorsements and prize money while individuals working in certain service professions like nursing, teaching etc...
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