The Pros & Cons of Media.

Topics: Affect, Film, Advertising Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: September 21, 2003
Media envelops our homes, our culture and our world. Books, newspaper, magazines, radios, television, movies and computers are examples of media, which have encompassed us throughout the ages. Whether being bombarded by these facets of media is good for us or not, we must face the reality if its presence in our lives. However, how should we allow it to affect us?

Some of us allow media to affect our lives in a very positive manner. For example, all forms of media provide information to the viewer or listener. The user can learn how to bake a pie, solve algebraic expressions or sell their home. But that is not all. Media provides entertainment. Television and movies can take us into fantasy with its pictures. Radio read books allow our imagination to entertain; while newspapers make us laugh with comics. Not only does media satisfy us in these areas, it also is the creator of jobs. Film editors, special effects personnel, grips did not exist prior to the advent of cinematography. Although these are very relevant, positive approaches to media, we must not overlook its derogatory components.

Media can deceive many into thinking it is anything but oppressive. Therefore, the majority of the population bypasses the possibility of media being misleading, false or even offensive. One of the many problems is the increasing violence and explicit sexual nature of many movies and television shows. It doesn't have to contain such material to capture people's attention. Another negative point to consider is advertising. Advertising companies come in and confuse people with their elusive ways of selling products. People who see the commercials or hear about them get misleading ideas. Some go out, purchase a product and are bewildered by its lack of resemblance to the advertised merchandise. For instance, in fast food restaurant commercials they show the prefect burger- full of crisp, green lettuce, juicy tomatoes and wrapped in a soft, fresh bun. However, in reality,...
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