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Apple products have change very much in the past years. The company has reinvented itself time and time again but has really outdone itself in the last few years. It has come to be the latest Apple products are the “thing” to have around the world. These products have forever changed the face of Apple and with new products being released will continue to set the bar for other companies to strive to be like. If you or anyone you know owns or has owned any of Apples more recent products then you or they have embraced the reinvention of the company.

Apple started out on April 1, 1976 with founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The first computer they released was the Apple I. It sold for $666.66 and they sold a total of 175 units out of the first 200 that they made. This was a huge step in the begging stages for Apple. Apple was soon to release newer more innovative computers over the years to come. Even the great Steve Jobs, was ousted by Apple in 1985 and it would be one of the biggest mistakes in Apples history. Although much success had come the company hit a rough patch in the 1990’s and did not come around until the return of Steve Jobs in 1996. This is when Apple really started to reinvent itself. Jobs came in and cleaned house, he introduced a whole new corporate philosophy that would change Apple forever. One of the most famous companies to ever reinvent itself is a company that many of us use products from every minute of the day. (Dressler, 2013)

In 1998 Apple introduced a completely redesigned iMac, which had innovations that blew the competitors out of the water. Apple was back and was now the cool thing to have with the different available colors and sleek design. The iMac was big but the next introduction really did change everything. The iPod was introduced in 2001 and I myself wanted one badly at the time. I eventually got one in 2006 and it had changed quite a bit, but was still the “thing” to have because it had been continually improved...

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