Psychology Final Paper

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Final Paper for Introduction to Psychology
All papers will be graded for thought, content, clarity, and English (grammar, syntax, spelling, organization, etc.). All assignments should be 4-6 pages typed. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, neatly ordered, and stapled together. Do not forget to number your pages. Please cite all references that you use and include a references page at the end of your paper. (A rule of thumb is to have as many references as the number of pages in the paper). This reference page does not count as one of the assigned pages. Note: According to the APA system of citing sources, when you cite your references within the text of your paper, you should write the author's last name and the date the source was published in parentheses. Examples of parenthetical citations from psychology papers:

This larger context of which the school is a part is known as the mesosystem (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). •As Melzi (2000) suggests, it seems as if cultural ideas and traditions influence the way that parents share stories and elicit stories from their children.

Here are the paper topics that you may choose from:
(1) The Outside World Paper: Apply a concept/theory from this class to a personal situation or an outside/societal problem. You may submit a newspaper or magazine article accompanied by 4-6 typed pages explaining how a particular topic from this course has given you a different perspective on or insight into the article. You may instead bring in a cartoon or drawing accompanied by 4-6 typed pages explaining the connection between the piece and the course material. It is also acceptable to bring in the lyrics and citation (i.e., artist, title) for a song that relates to the course accompanied by 4-6 typed pages explaining its relationship to the material. Finally, you can relate something that is occurring (or has occurred) in your life to concepts from class.

(2) Movie/Book Evaluation: Choose a movie to watch or a book to read....
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