QMGT Assignment 2014

Topics: Critical thinking, Typeface, Citation Pages: 4 (681 words) Published: January 13, 2015
A) Learning Outcomes:

You should be able to:

Demonstrate critical analysis of the development in international management standards from a procedural to process based approach to management and the importance of this in sustaining quality goods and services. Demonstrate theoretical and applied knowledge of the use of contemporary benchmarking standards and how these may inform a repositioning of the organization to its stakeholders. Justify the recommendation of techniques through which an organization may achieve measured business excellence.

B) Assignment Requirement:

This assignment comprises of 60% of your total marks for this module.


1. Critically discuss the relationship between quality and competitiveness. (30 marks)

2. Critically discuss, using a company of your choice, how quality practices were successfully implemented in the company which resulted in the company gaining competitive advantage in the market. (60 marks)


Another 10 marks is reserved for other elements, such as the quality of introduction, conclusion, references, grammar, vocabulary and word count. (Total: 100 marks)

C) Documentation Requirements

The assignment cover page should contain information as stated below in order:

APU Logo
Module Name and Code
Assignment Title and Description
Name and TP number
Intake Number
Hand Out and Hand in Dates.
Lecturer’s Name

D) Assignment Structure:

When completing the assignment it should have the following general structure:

Cover page.
Table of contents.
Discussion for Question 1.
Discussion for Question 2.

E) The Rearrangement

Please pay particular attention to the following:
Key details:
Plagiarism is totally prohibited.
You should have a minimum of 6 references to substantiate your research and essay writing. You are REQUIRED to use Harvard referencing methods for this assignment. Include at least one book...

References: are acknowledged.
75 - 79%
Evidence of wider reading. The assignment effectively interprets the information and exhibits the integration of ideas across the subject area. The assignment has credible recommendations. A systematic approach to development and evaluation is used. Most sources are acknowledged and referenced using Harvard Name System of Referencing.
Arguments are clear and convincing. Confident integration of theory and practices is demonstrated. Consistent referencing to sources using the Harvard Name System of Referencing.
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