QSA 0274 QSA 0294 SAMPLE MID TERM Questions From Sem 1 14 15

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Instruction: Answer all questions. Circle the correct answers in the answer box provided. Use pen.

1. When medical research indicated that a high-fiber diet might help reduce one’s risk of colon cancer, a few producers of fiber cereals suggested in their advertisements that if you eat fiber cereal, you will not get cancer. This is an example of

A. ethical persuasion.
B. social responsibility.
C. unethical communications.
D. an unethical organizational relationship.

2. What is the primary reason that so many new businesses fail?

A. Lack of brand-name recognition
B. Owner does not work hard enough
C. Inability to compete with well-established brand names
D. Mismanagement resulting from lack of business know-how

3. Steven Jobs and David Wozniak, the founders of Apple Computer, Inc., are creative, free-spirited individuals who decided that being corporate underlings was not what they wanted from a career. They had an innovative idea for a product and desired to create their own business based on this idea. All of the following are factors that could have led them to go into business except

A. the independence.
B. the desire to determine their own destiny.
C. the willingness to find and accept a challenge.
D. the low risk and high rewards inherent in entrepreneurship.

4. Bank Rakyat is evaluating the financial statements of Kawan Kawan Sdn. Bhd. to determine whether or not to approve a long-term loan to the company. Bank Rakyat is interested in these financial statements from the perspective of a

A. lender.
B. supplier.
C. stockholder.
D. government agency.

5. When a worker has to learn only a specific, highly specialized task, that individual should be able to learn to do it very efficiently. However, this efficiency could eventually become inhibited by job monotony and boredom. This situation could be alleviated through

A. job design.
B. job rotation.
C. job specialization.
D. technical job training.

6. Leadership can best be defined as the ability to

A. relate to others.
B. influence others.
C. identify problems.
D. deal effectively with others.

7. When sales drop each summer at Vail Mountain Resorts, a high-quality destination ski area, the resort owners temporarily have too many employees to service the reduced number of tourists that enjoy the area during the warmer months. In this situation, the resorts most likely would

A. lay off workers.
B. hire more workers.
C. fire as many workers as possible.
D. force all of the extra workers to seek early retirement.


Instruction: Answer all questions in the space provided. Use pen to answer all questions. QUESTION 1 (3 marks)
Hypermarket for the grocery product. You wanted to buy a can of Sardine Itik Brand. When you check the packaging of the can, you can see there is no expiry date. When you went to the customer service counter to complain, you had been scolded by Suka Ria Hypermarket staff. State and explain TWO (2) of the The Six Basic Rights of Consumerism that had been violated (3 marks)

QUESTION 2 (7 marks)
a. You would like to open a book store at Sri Gombak. Choose the best form of ownership, state and explain TWO (2) reasons why you choose that ownership (2 marks)

b. What is franchise and give an example? (1 mark)

c. You are working in IT Department under the Management Information System. You need to collect the data about the response from the customer of your company latest product. State and...
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