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Discuss the importance of referencing to academics, especially to university students. [30] The phrase,” there is nothing new under the sun”, has become very common in this modern day and age that we now live in. it shows that brand new ideas and invention are now a thing of the past. Our main focus now lies on re invention and innovation, which can only be based upon an already existing idea. This is where the idea of referencing comes in to play especially when it comes to academic writing. Referencing allows one to acknowledge the contribution of other writers and researchers within the same field of study or work. Referencing can be from various sources e.g. books, published articles, journals, news paper articles and internet websites to name a few (Saidi, n.d.). Any essay or assignment written by a university student or academic that draws ideas from other sources must contain citation. Citation is the form of in text referencing within the body of the assignment. The idea of referencing is to keep a student from plagiarism. Plagiarism is referred to as the passing of another’s idea as your own without giving due credit (Denmark Study Pack, 2010). Referencing is important for successful research and also for ones reader(s) so that they can see how and where the student conducted his research. Referencing is also a way to give credit to writers from whom one would have borrowed ideas. This is a form of respecting and acknowledging the intellectual rights of the researcher or writer. A student or academic has the right to draw from the many ideas, insights and arguments published by other writers and researchers over a number of years. All one simply has to do is acknowledge their contribution to the essay or assignment by form of referencing and/or citing the author. Referencing then helps the reader find the original source if they wish to get more clarity. Writing skills are a major role player within a student’s life mostly because it is the...

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