Questionnaire on Disciplinary Practices by Human Resources

Topics: Discipline Pages: 4 (344 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Questionnaire on Disciplinary Practices in an IT Company 1)How important role disciplines play in smooth functioning of the organization? a)Less Important
b)Moderately Important
c)Most Important
2)Does clear Rules and Regulations help to maintain discipline in the organization?



3)Is it necessary to update and review rules and regulation constantly to maintain discipline?

a)Yes it’s extremely necessary

b)No, not so necessary

4)What are the ways by which discipline in your location? (one or more answers can be selected)

a)By Communicating rules concerning discipline in the company

b)By mentioning rules on the Notice Boards and Employee handbook

c)Others (please specify)

5)Are there taken steps to increase awareness of rules and regulation in your location?



6)What are the counts of cases encountered of indiscipline in the location?

a)1 - 10 cases

b)11 – 20 cases

c)21 – 30 cases

d)Above 30 cases

7)What are the major reasons of indiscipline in the location? (one or more answers can be selected)

a)Fraudulent behavior

b)Misuse of Companies Property/Facilities

c)Negative Background check

d)Poor Performance

e)Security Violation

f)Unauthorized Absenteeism

g)Unprofessional Conduct

h)Others (please specify)

8) Are there policies related to disciplinary actions ?



9) Do you feel Disciplinary actions is the correct means to reduce indiscipline in the organization?



10) Are indiscipline cases discussed with the employee prior taking any disciplinary action?



11)Does the disciplinary action taken adhere to the Industrial Establishment Standing Order Act, 1946 in accordance with State Rules?



12) What were disciplinary actions taken by you in the location? (one or more answers can be selected)

a)Advisory Letter

b)Dismissal Letter

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