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KOLEJ TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES ACADEMIC YEAR 2012/2013 DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS STUDIES (MARKETING, E-COMMERCE & MARKETING AND RETAIL MANAGEMENT) ABDT 3203 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR (Coursework – 40%) 1. Coursework Assessment Group Written Assignment Group Presentation Class Tardiness & Participation Total 2. Group Written Assignment (20%) Students are expected to address the following topics in the assignment: 1. Background Data: Provide background on your company and the selected product or product line. This should be relatively brief (no more than one page). It should provide a clear snapshot of the company and product’s purpose and position within the industry. 2. Target market segment and Consumer Analysis: Identify the consumer market segments, criteria for choosing that segment and profitability of the segment selected. Analyse the changing consumer environment on your company’s product(s). 3. Advertisement analysis: Perform an analysis on the company advertisements. Examine the symbols/messages used within the advertisement and interpret the meaning of these symbols/messages. Use your analysis to explain the product(s) image within consumers’ mind. You are encouraged to apply the relevant theory(ies) and concepts. 4. Personality and self: You should examine how product personality influenced the consumer buying decisions and how it is related to consumer self-image. You will need to apply the relevant theory(ies) and concept. 5. Psychographics and Lifestyle: you will need to examine how psychographics and lifestyle affect product usage. What lifestyles and behavior do product purchasers have in common? How are these important to the company? 20% 10% 10% ____ 40%

Students are expected to choose only One (1) local/foreign company. No two (2) groups are allowed to analyse the same company. 2.1 Instructions to Students 1. The standard structure and format of the coursework to be submitted is as follow: (i) Cover page including :  The Subject and Subject Code  Project Title  Names of Group  ID Number Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Theoretical Analysis/ Reasoning Discussion/ Recommendation Conclusion – the general conclusions and findings of the project. Bibliography - a comprehensive list of all reference books/ journals magazines/ websites used as well as cited quotes. (refer to the Harvard referencing system) Appendices

(ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii)


2. Students are required to form a group of five. 3. The written assignment should not be more than 15 pages (from Executive Summary to Conclusion). Ensure that the printing is clear and legible. A penalty of 2% will be imposed on Reports exceeding the required numbers of pages. 4. The project should be neatly typed in Font 12 Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing on A4 size papers. 5. The report should have comb binding. 6. All pages must be paginated consecutively using Arabic numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc) including appendices and printed at the bottom centre of the page. 7. Mode of Referencing: students are expected to apply the Harvard referencing system. 8. Appendices: copies of articles must be attached to the report. 9. Date of submission of Group Assignment will be on the day of your presentation (week 5).

10. A penalty of 1% reduction will be levied for each day of late submission, submission after day 7 will not be accepted. 11. No extension of time will be allowed except in extenuating circumstances, e.g. medical reasons. 12. Plagiarism involves copying material from other sources without acknowledging the original author. The College treats plagiarism as a serious offence. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students, including failure of coursework or the unit. 2.2 Individual Presentation of Assessment a) Students are expected to be well prepared for the presentation. b) All presenters are required to dress formally for coursework presentation. c) Each group is required to prepare visual...
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